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Tired and swollen legs at the end of the day.

Tired swollen legs or ankles


There are many different reasons why your legs are swollen. If you have a medical condition called cardiac failure it can present as swelling in the legs. You should check with your GP to rule out cardiac issues especially if your swelling is associated with shortness of breath.

Other causes

Other cause of swollen legs can be associated with your lymphatic system. When our lymphatic system is not working properly protein is not transported around the body properly and sits in the tissues. Water is then attracted to the protein and this combination causes swelling to occur.

Symptoms of swollen legs can include swelling that increases during the day with it being particular more noticeable by night time; the swelling reduces overnight (due to legs being elevated). The legs can feel heavy and skin feels like its being stretched.  Pain and discomfort may be present while clothes and shoes can feel tight.

What will help?

Manual Lymph Drainage works by removing the protein from the tissue and transporting it back into the body to be used where it is needed. When this happens the water will follow and the result in a reduction in swelling. This technique is very gently and not at all like its name suggests. If you have swollen legs get in touch and find out how we can help you to regain your life.

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