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Sinusitis and tretment

Why clients attend Wellbeing Techniques?

Clients attend Wellbeing Techniques for many different reasons . These can include being unwell, living with chronic life long condition to general wellbeing.

One of these health issues is sinusitis. If you have been fortunate enough not to ever have suffered from sinusitis count yourself lucky. For those who have experienced sinusitis, symptoms like runny nose, facial swelling, pain or pressure around eyes, cheekbones or forehead, postnasal drip and headaches may be all too common. It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly the trigger for this condition, some causes may include foods, allergies, facial injury or obstruction, immune disorders or even the common cold.


So what are your sinuses? They are interconnected, mucous membrane-lined cavities that drain into the nasal cavity and their purpose is to circulate air. The sinuses are lined with tiny hairs called cilia which along with watery mucus filters harmful particles from air we inhale. The process also warms and humidifies the sinuses and nasal cavities so that they remain moist and do not dry out.  The drainage openings or ostai of sinuses are small and this means that they can be vulnerable to blockage quite easily.  When a blockage occurs mucus becomes stagnant and this allows bacteria and other pathogens to colonise in the cavity of the sinuses. This results in inflammation and infection.

The priority if infection is suspected is to seek medical assistance and advice about how best to treat the infection. Post infection symptoms can linger. These can affect sleep, energy levels, mood and overall quality of life. Clients often tell me all the treatments that they have used, some work well while others find that symptoms continue even with treatment. This maybe because the mucus still not adequately draining and this where Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) can help.

Manual Lymph Drainage as a treatment for sinusitis

Just to give you a bit of background on MLD, it is a non-invasive gentle skin technique, which works on the lymphatic system within our bodies. The lymphatic system is the secondary circulatory system and often overlooked. Part of its role is to cleanse the body of waste material while transporting vital nutrients to cells. It transport proteins and long chain fatty acids while playing a vital role in the immune system. Part of this system is the lymph nodes which filters harmful substances from the body such as chemicals, toxins, bacteria and viruses.

So how is it used for sinusitis? Firstly we treat the neck area, the neck area should always to treated to allow lymph fluid to drain properly. Its like opening up a bottleneck allowing the movement of lymph fluid to be drained from the body. Then we proceed on to the face and treat this area again with very gentle movements. At no time during a MLD session should you ever feel any pain. We begin at the chin and work up along the face. This process mean that a clear pathway is created allowing for maximum drainage of the face. Clients find this a very relaxing experience.

We then proceed to massaging the inside of your oral cavity or mouth. Now this does rise a few eyebrows as you can imagine. What stick your finger in my mouth and do what? Yes massage the inside of your mouth. But why? Because we can get of the floor of your sinus cavity. And it works. Clients not only tolerate it but remain relaxed throughout the technique.
Post treatment they will report feel that the pressure has eased or gone, the pain has reduced, that they feel “something been freed” and that things are “draining better”.

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Have you or do you know anybody suffering with sinus issues? Well if so why not try  MLD and see how we can help.






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