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I first heard about Manual Lymph Drainage (MDL) while attending a ‘Bank of Ireland Enterprise Event’, in Enniscorthy.  Although the term Manual Lymph Drainage meant nothing to me at the time, I was drawn to the stand by the word ‘Wellbeing’ on a large sign.


About a month earlier, I had finally given up on my yearlong battle of trying to ‘fix myself’ from my recurring bouts of depression, and gone back to my doctor who prescribed the correct medication for me.  The consequence of not taking the much needed medication earlier in my illness had also taken a toll on my body.  I had constant discomfort in my neck, back and shoulders and I couldn’t bend my left knee without a pulling pain in my tendon.  My stomach had a life of its own, and I was never sure how it was going to react to certain foods.  In other words, I felt crocked!


And so, I approached the stand offering ‘Wellbeing’ with a huge amount of hope.  The therapist, Sasha, explained that MDL is a type of gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back towards the heart.  I was aware of how important the function of the lymphs are, because my sister-in-law had her lymph nodes removed as a result of a double mastectomy, and suffered some uncomfortable side-effects.  I decided to give it a trial run.


At my first session, Sasha took a full medical history and then sat and chatted with me about how I was feeling.  After giving her a list of aches and pains the length of my arm, Sasha explained that the lymphs are located at several different points on the body, and that each treatment would target each area.  I found the whole experience to be soothing and relaxing; nothing like the pummelling I was expecting when I first heard the word ‘Manual’!


More importantly, about three days after the session, I felt wonderful!


I have been back for three more sessions since my first, and after each massage I feel lighter and more in tune with my body; more like my body is working ‘with me’ and not ‘against’ me.  The pain in my leg is lessened, and the dull pains in my neck, shoulders and back all disappear for a few weeks in between visits.  I will continue with my MDL sessions on a regular basis as I feel they are of tremendous benefit to my physical well-being.



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