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Lymphatic Drainage and fertility

How Manual Lymphatic Drainage Can Boost Fertility

As exotic as it may sound, lymphatic drainage has the power to improve your fertility. The following points explain how.

• Balancing Hormones–Women’s hormones regulate a number of things, but they are best known for controlling their periods. Since the lymphatic system circulates hormones through your body, it should function properly to deliver your reproductive hormones and those necessary for your fertility. This is why some physicians may recommend lymph drainage massage to support assisted conception methods like invitro fertilization (IVF).

• Detoxifying Your Body – This type of massage can boost women’s fertility by detoxifying their bodies. Toxins are the main reason behind polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS), painful periods, bloating, and infertility. By ridding your body of toxins through manual lymphatic drainage, your body will grow fertile. Not only does this mean that your chances of conceiving via a fertility treatment will improve, but it will protect you from the heartache of miscarriage.

• Boosting Immunity – In addition to balancing hormones and ridding the body of toxins, using this non-conventional treatment improves your immune system. Now you must be wondering what that has to do with women’s fertility, but studies prove that immune system disorders and autoimmune diseases can affect your ability to get pregnant. For example, if you’re allergic to semen, you will never conceive naturally. Some cases are so extreme that their IVF treatments tend to fail due their immune system. Therefore, reduce your dependability on medicines and boost your immunity with this gentle massage.

As you can see, manual lymph drainage can help you counter many issues while improving your immunity and fertility. Just make sure to get this massage from a trained masseuse or masseur and you’ll get all the benefits of this procedure.

What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a unique massage used by spa therapists and aestheticians to encourage lymph flow in the body. Also known as lymphatic drainage, the procedure is mostly used to detoxify the body, complement cellulite treatments, counter acne, and relieve individual’s pre and post plastic surgery.
Manual lymphatic drainage is a unique massage used by spa therapists and aestheticians to encourage lymph flow in the body.

Our lymph system is paramount to our overall health. When it’s not functioning optimally we can manifest frequent colds, be prone to infections and joint pain. By carrying excess weight and excessive toxins in our system in overload amounts, we can experience ill health.

The lymph drainage massage targets the lymph system, which is a group of vessels and lymph nodes that complement blood circulation by delivering nutrients to cells and carrying away toxins and waste. With the help of light, circular pumping movements, your lymph system will be stimulated and you will feel more relaxed and at ease.

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