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You are not alone

If you answer yes to one of the above you are not alone. Our lifestyles have an knock on effect on our bodies. We are more sedentary now than before, spending more time inside due to work or personal choices. While the majority of people are more stressed due to trying to get everything done in a day, this is known as fight or flight, we are running on a high alert all the time without ever switching off. All these situations has a direct affect on our lymphatic system which may be the culprit for your tiredness.

Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system plays a vital role in keeping us alive. It is poorly understood. The role of the lymphatic system is to transport basic nutrients around the body and to remove metabolic waste from the cells. It play a role in our immune system too. Unfortunately it doesn’t have its own pump and so need 5 things to help it work.

  • Arterial Pulsation
  • Muscle Contraction
  • Gravity
  • Peristalsis (Gut movement)
  • Deep Breathing

So if we think of certain situations in our daily lives and how these can increase the risk of our lymphatic system to not function to the best of its ability. We may be sitting longer due to nature of our work such as office work, driving  long distances or standing in one position on a production line. During this time our heart rate is not increasing or our muscles are not contracting. Our diets can lead to poor gut health or reduced peristalsis while the majority of us don’t breathe properly. We breathe from our chests instead of doing abdominal breathing. Here can lie the problem, these situations cause our lymphatic system to become sluggish.

Ways to help

All is not lost there are ways to kick start your lymphatic system. Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)  is a gentle skin technique used to increase the rate of the lymphatic system. Normally pulsation of the lymph system is 5-10 times per minute. MLD increases this rate up to 30 times a minute. The treatment increases the function which results in a natural detox of the body, transport of vital nutrients to cells along with an increased immunity.  Basically the metabolic waste that was sitting in the tissues are removed naturally, resulting in the body being able to work to its fully potential.

Clients have reported having increased energy, reduced stress levels due to the calming affect of the treatment, ability to deal better with day to day situations, improvement in general appearance and gut health plus others.

Ways to support the treatment include a healthy  diet, reducing BMI, exercise, reducing stress levels, practicing deep breathing and taking time to look after yourself.

Try MLD for yourself

If you answered yes to any of the questions at the start then why not get in touch and have a chat about how we can help boost your energy levels. Go on you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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