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Recently a young lady attended Wellbeing Techniques due to acne issues.

If you yourself suffer from acne you know all too well how it can affect you. Sore, raised spots, pustules, red inflamed skin. You may be very conscious about how you look which is only natural.

What is acne?

We all have small sebaceous glands under our skin and these glands make sebum which keeps our skin smooth and supple. Sebum travels through pores or opens to the skin surface. Hair grows through these pores also.  During puberty due to hormonal changes these glands are stimulated resulting in increase amounts of sebum. This results in skin becoming greasy. Hormones can thicken the inner lining of hair follicles causing blockage of the pores. This then results in the formation of spots, pustules and inflammation of the skin.

Lymph Drainage and acne

Our lymphatic system lies just under the skin. Its role is to carry nutrients to cells and remove excess metabolic waste, toxins, excess water, bacteria and viruses. It is a slow moving system consisting of vessels and lymph nodes. From time to time the lymphatic system can become sluggish.

Lymph drainage therapy is a very gentle skin technique using circular movements to stimulate the lymphatic vessels. The treatment allows for the natural detox of the body, removing waste and harmful substances from the cells and bringing vital nutrients to where they are needed. Lymph drainage reduces inflammation and redness.

Recent client

The pictures in the link below are of a client who attended Wellbeing Techniques for lymph drainage treatment due to her acne. She has raised sore red pustules on her face, the skin was red  and she was very self conscious. As you can see there is a marked difference from after her first session to the third. In her own words “I feel more confident going barefaced now which use to be a hard thing for me to do. But I feel more fresh and a lot better in public knowing that my skin has cleared quite a bit!”

Try it yourself

So if you or someone you know has acne get in touch and experience this wonderful natural treatment for yourself. We use no oils or lotions so there is nothing to make your skin any worse. Drop us an email or phone 053 9106190 or 087 7510761 and make an appointment today.





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