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During the current Covid-19 situation it is so important to follow the HSE and Government  guidelines on how to look after ourselves, our family & friends and society in general.

Nobody likes being apart from people that they enjoy spending time with but it has to be done. Spending a period of time apart means that we will be able to spend a lot of time together in the future.

Front-line Workers 

We need to stop the spread of Covid-19, reduce the risk the vulnerable members of our society from getting it and protect the front-line workers who are doing a fantastic job of keeping our wonderful country going.

Our health professionals are working around the clock in very stressful conditions to look after our sick and vulnerable people. It takes a lot of other people to run a healthcare facility and support our healthcare professionals such as housekeeping, catering, orderlies, security, laboratory staff, pharmacists, facilities, diagnostic staff, radiology staff, ambulance staff, secretarial and even the switchboard staff. (know there are others and sorry not to have given you a shout out) When all of these people and staff work together it allows for a well oiled machine and this what we are seeing time after time when we hear of people recovering from Coronavirus. 

Of course there are the community based team, nursing home and residential setting that are also looking after the wider community and we salute you during this difficult time also.  

Then  there are the other members of our community that are leading the way in keeping things going for us. The Gardai who are not only policing our local communities but providing other services above and beyond their roles. Local sporting clubs, community based groups, volunteers etc that are providing services to older or less able members of our communities.

We can’t forget the services that are needed during these times. Supermarket or local food shops that are working long hours and placing themselves at risk to keep doors open and food on the shelves so we do not go hungry. The delivery men and women who transport the food and goods to these places.  The binmen who are continuing to work, the postmen and women who are delivering letters from loved ones or the only person that calls now to some houses (while practicing social distancing). 

Thank you so much

The list goes on and on. Again so if I didn’t mention you and your vital role in keeping things going I do apologies. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We will never be able to fully re-pay our debt to all you for all the work that you have done but know that we fully appreciate everything that you have done for us. 

What we need to do

Continue to follow HSE Guidelines, continue to wash those hands, practice coughing and sneezing etiquette, practice social distancing, stay safe, stay at home. 

By doing all of these things we are supporting our front-line staff and members of our communities. 



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